Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a few key ingredients.

The average Canadian financial advisor, planner, broker has about 350 client households with which he or she deals. If we assume a 40 hour work week with three weeks annual vacation and each week comprised of 15% administrative tasks, 35% research and planning and 50% meeting with clients, these advisors can devote 2.80 hours per year to each of their clients.

At present, we have approximately 50 active client households with whom we work. Having a small client base allows us to spend a great deal of time with each client, to provide in-depth planning and strategizing and to respond to clients quickly and efficiently. For the benefit of our existing clients, we do not take on every prospective client and we plan to cap our client base at approximately 70-75 active client households.


In addition, we support micro-finance through Kiva


For most people, the desire to outsource their financial planning stems from (a) a lack of time, (b) a lack of organization, (c) a lack of interest and (d) a desire to seek professional advice. We help people organize their financial lives, educate them on some of the basics of financial planning which in turn helps them to improve their monthly cash flows, plan for expenditures and retirement and free up some of their valuable time. We do this by being process driven – if we’re organized, we can help you be organized too!


How and how much you are charged for your financial planning services has a direct impact on your bottom line. In Canada, investment advisory costs are usually in the form of commissions. We offer a fee for our service if it is more suitable for your investment strategy. Clients can work with us in one of two fashions: (a) contract us to provide financial planning advice only, for which we will draft a customized set of reports specific to your situation and invoice you a fee for these reports; or (b) hire us to provide investment advice and trade execution and provide financial planning advice, for which we charge a monthly fee.

Where suitable for a client, we feel charging a fee for our service aligns our interests with yours:

  • Transparency – you can see what you pay which allows you to measure value 
  • Removal of bias – we aren’t paid commissions which means we never have a conflict over product choice 
  • Reduction of cost – in general, our total fee might be is less than the costs associated with a commission platform 
  • Tax deductibility – in some cases, fees can be deducted on your tax return

Investments & Markets

We believe that:


  • Fees matter and, as such, we strive to provide quality service at a reasonable price. Some of our fees might be tax-deductible and all are transparent. 
  • We aim to follow, as best we can, some of the time-proven strategies developed by people such as Warren Buffett. We use a number of exchange-traded funds in our investment choices, blue-chip dividend producing stocks and a number of fixed-income / bond strategies. 
  • Our investment strategy is driven principally by the needs and goals of our typical client and can best be described as conservative growth with income. 
  • Through discussions with our clients, we determine a risk profile, investment objectives and asset allocation suitable to their personal situation.

Practice Areas

We are not experts in every area. We have strong relationships with other professionals who provide advice on subjects including accounting and taxes, legal issues and debt management. We prefer to complete full financial plans for clients which may include retirement income planning, asset management, cash flow improvement, estate planning, debt reduction, risk management and tax reduction.


Securing your Family's Future

Following the advice of a trusted advisor is shown to be a significant factor in building wealth and achieving investment success. Our team can provide sound advice and a Personal Wealth Management Strategy™ to guide & assist you & your family at any stage of life.